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Honcho Guru

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This boat is aimed at the novice surf ski paddler, NO previous experience is required, just get on and go.


                                                STABLE, STABLE, STABLE


is what the GURU is all about. The GURU is also super competitive, boasting a host of never seen before features.

The flatter rocker line, and reduced rear deck volume, puts the GURU into a league of its own, combining stability with performance.

New technology unique to Honcho boasts a scupper system that empties a full cockpit in around 15 seconds, AMAZING!!!

The GURU is so stable that we have incorporated a 20litre dry storage compartment, for paddlers wanting to take along provisions

for sleep outs.

New manufacturing techniques employing imported core materials, gives all HONCHO products the stiffness and lightness required

from a performance craft of this nature

An extra 50mm of cockpit adjustment for taller paddlers

GURU will accommodate paddlers in the weight range 50kgs to 120kgs with ease.

Optional INTERNATIONAL SAFETY ORANGE colouring as shown on this boat makes getting lost a thing of the past.

This orange is a NSRI standard internationally.




Length: 5,80m

Width: 0,50m

Weight: about 18,5 kg (in standard polyester pop-out version)

We put GURU to the test with six individuals who had never paddled a surf ski before.

The results speak for themselves………………………
All six where able to climb on and paddle immediately without any coaching

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