Epic V10 - 3rd Generation

Epic V10 - 3rd Generation

(Variante: Elite - 10,4kg)

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The Gen 3 V10 has increased rocker and modified seat placement. The length is reduced to 6.25m. Greg Barton's analysis showed this length, combined with the new rocker profile, gives a noticeable improvement in maneuverability while maintaining good hull speed. Stability is similar to the Gen 2 V10 which feels rock solid for advanced paddlers in a variety of conditions.

Length: 6,25m     Width: 45cm   Depth: 33cm


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Epic V10 3rd Gen - Performance Performance - 14,5kg
2.795,00 € *
Epic V10 3rd Gen - Ultra Ultra - 11,4kg
3.795,00 € *
Epic V10 3rd Gen - Elite Elite - 10,4kg
4.195,00 € *
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