Epic V10 Zweier Surfski

Epic V10 Zweier Surfski

(Modell: Performance - 25kg)
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Our goal for this boat is very similar to our goals when we introduced the V10. We wanted to make a boat faster than anything existing in the class, while still making it user friendly enough that a large number of people can enjoy it.

The seat is very comfortable and ergonomics are superior with the cut outs to allow a closer paddle stroke. Bailers are standard in both cockpits, allowing quick drainage when needed, with the option to close them and give a dry cockpit with decreased drag in flat conditions

Länge: 7,6m   Breite: 48cm  Höhe: 40cm

Epic Kayaks V10 Double Introduction from Ocean Sports Media on Vimeo.

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Epic V10 Double - Performance Performance - 25kg 3.595,00 € *
Epic V10 Double - Ultra Ultra - 20kg 4.595,00 € *
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