Epic V10 Sport Surfski

Epic V10 Sport Surfski

(Modell: Elite - 10,4kg)

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Epic has raised the bar again with the all new, faster, and more userfriendly V10 Sport, all without any loss of stability. The new V10 Sport is the best all-around surf ski for intermediate to advanced paddlers in a variety of conditions! 

Länge: 6,1m   Breite: 48cm   Tiefe: 33cm


Auswahl: Epic V10 Sport Surfski

Artikel-Nr. Modell Status Preis
Epic V10 Sport - Club Club - 16,8kg
2.295,00 € *
Epic V10 Sport - Performance Performance - 15,5kg
2.795,00 € *
Epic V10 Sport - Ultra Ultra - 12kg
3.795,00 € *
Epic V10 Sport - Elite Elite - 10,4kg
4.195,00 € *
* Preise inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand
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