Epic V14

Epic V14

(Modell: Elite - 10,5kg)

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The V14 is designed to be the ultimate speed demon for small to mid sized water conditions. We've pulled out all the stops to go beyond the V10 and V12 with an even sleeker shape and narrower waterline. The bow of the V14 is much narrower compared to the rest of the Epic ski line. This helps the V14 knife through wind chop & small waves.

Länge: 6,4m     Breite: 43cm     Höhe: 32cm

Auswahl: Epic V14

Artikel-Nr. Modell Status Preis
Epic V14 - Performance Performance - 15kg
2.595,00 € *
Epic V14 - Ultra Ultra - 12kg
3.795,00 € *
Epic V14-Elite Elite - 10,5kg
3.995,00 € *
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