Epic V10

Epic V10

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The new V10 is the most stable of all elite level surf skis. Expert paddlers will appreciate being able to apply full power in all conditions. Likewise, paddlers who have mastered our V10 Sport or surf skis with similar stability will find an easy upgrade to the new V10 and put themselves in a new league.

We re-designed the V10 seat for better comfort. The ergonomics are improved with a narrower width at paddle entry. The V10 is available with standard or an optional long footboard for people with big feet. The new V10 will fit paddlers from 5'4" to 6'8" height (1.62 to 2.03m).”

The new V10 will be fitted with a revolutionary new EPIC designed and manufactured bailer (patent pending). The new system can be closed for a dry cockpit and no added drag when paddling in flat water. When opened, it drains significantly faster than any other drain system on the market. And it can easily be adjusted on the fly – open a little to impart minimal drag when paddling in moderate conditions, or incrementally more as needed when conditions and water into the cockpit increase.

Länge: 645cm   Breite: 45cm   Tiefe: 33cm  

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